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Myths & Monsters

This years haunt has stepped it up a notch with over 12,000 sqft of Greek Mythology. As you navigate through Greece you will have to beware as several areas are equipped with traps to stop you, monsters to chase you and obstacles you must overcome. Try not to get separated from your group as you climb out of the pits of Hades. A regular ticket will get you this entire, terrifying haunt with a portion of the proceeds going to the BC Children's Hospital.

Fearmongers has also partnered with Granville Island Brewing to bring you an amazing VIP experience. For those haunt enthusiasts that are looking for a little something extra, then this is for you. You get the opportunity to experience a room from next year’s haunt before anyone else. If that isn’t already cool enough, after you’re done slogging through the haunt you roll out into a beautiful GIB VIP lounge and are immediately met with an ice cold Granville Island beer and some delicious grub for completing the long journey. Mingle with the other guests of the haunt and talk about your experience. Even give us feedback on the extra room and help us make next year’s haunt even better.


Granville Island Brewing

VIP Ticket 19+


Everything included in the Regular Ticket

Experience an extra room from next year’s haunt before anyone else

Hang out in the Granville Island Brewing haunted VIP Lounge

A complimentary GIB beer and some delicious food

The opportunity to sit down with the founders to give feedback on your experience and help shape next year’s haunt


Regular Ticket 19+


A fully immersive and interactive haunted experience

Over an hour of monsters, obstacles and terror

No line-up

An experience like no other


Opening Times

Fearmongers is open from
Friday October 30 to Sunday November 22
6:00pm – 1:00am